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Are you looking for innovation and design?

Yes, I’am responsible for innovation!
You’ve been tasked with driving forward innovation and the creation of new products in your company?

We will show you ways for agile development through design and deliver all it takes up to the final product.

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Yes, I need to boost my product by design!
You have an existing product that needs a boost to remain relevant or perhaps you’d like to find a completely new direction?

We offer our creativity and experience to make your product the winner of tomorrow.

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Yes, my idea shall soar!
You have you been brooding over an idea that won’t let you go. How can you be sure before investing big money in the launch?

Let us help validate, test and protype your idea before risking too much.

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Our Design Principles

More than 25 years of experience in design have taught us principles which characterize our design routine.
The basis of these principles is the radical customer perspective.

Product Design for electric charger with an "iconic face"

Iconic product design

You know that people are guided by pictures.
GP renders clear, rememberable and friendly products.

self-descriptive product design for baby articles and article for children

Intuitive product design

You surely expect things to be easy to use.
Products by GP are self-explanatory and intuitive.

Industrial Design example: Artweger Twinline shower-bathtub Combination

Universal product design

Design is for everyone, right?
GP creates solutions which are attractive and work for all users.

Product Designer from Vienna

With clients all over the world.