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Product Design for Bath & Spa, Children, Electronics, Energy, and more.

in order to gain an edge over the competition, companies strive for unique characteristics thanks to specially designed products; sometimes at the expense of scalability and acceptance amongst the majority of customers.


other companies, on the other hand, rely on »me-too« products – thus on a high degree of popularity – and defend their market position at low margins.

It’s better to design unique yet popular

we design products which significantly stand out from the crowd but are nevertheless popular for the majority. for our customers this means great approval and popularity, thus high demand and a clear, unique position on the market.

our way of thinking (design thinking) and our experience enable us to create new features which can be embedded in the well-known. thereby, products and services become attractive for a majority.

what our customers value most ...

… our creativity, our competent customer and market understanding and the optimum cooperation with internal and external experts.

your competitive position is strengthened by ...

… our regular, accompanying design controlling. thereby we ensure cost efficiency and can continuously develop customer value further.

increased sales force and consumer benefit ...

… are achieved because we strive after integrating the company´s entire functions (management, product development, marketing, sales, etc.).

Our Design Principles

more than 20 years of experience in design have taught us principles which characterize our design routine.
the basis of these principles is the radical customer perspective.

Product Design for electric charger with an "iconic face"


People orientate themselves by pictures. They let them grasp the world descriptively and give them security. This is why we give our products an concise face. Iconic design is clear, rememberable and friendly. Iconic design bridges cultural gaps and is considered attractive by the majority.

self-descriptive product design for baby articles and article for children


People should be able to cope naturally in everyday-life. that is why we develop self-explanatory products and services which are simple and can be used naturally. Many routine actions are carried out automatically, without conscious thinking. Using a product or service becomes natural – or intuitive – when irritation doesn’t even occur.

Industrial Design example: Artweger Twinline shower-bathtub Combination


All people are different. depending on their background, different experiences and skills when using products and services must be considered. We find solutions that satisfy more than a single need and are comfortable for the majority.

Our Service Elements in Industrial Design

Examples of different product designs for children and babies

Product Development

  • Analysis/research (user interviews, analysis of utility, …)
  • Design concepts
  • Design detailing
  • Specification
  • Prototypes
  • Implementation support
Future Study on bicycles

Future Study

  • Identify core-competence areas in which stand-alone status can be achieved
  • Approaches and concepts
  • Design study as proof of competence
Design Optimization in the field of solar-energy

Design Optimization

  • Improvement of products which are in the development process
  • Review of product details

a selection of companies who trust in our competence …

… and thus are highly successful


Product Designers from Vienna

With Clients from around the world.

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