the GP designpartners team

Design is communication. In order for the new to enter the world, inspiring team work is essential – internally at GP and with our customers.
Only interaction between the individuals creates the depth that makes our products unique and long-lasting.

Rudolf T. A. Greger

Rudolf T. A. Greger

Industrial Designer, Managing Partner

Christoph Pauschitz

Christoph Pauschitz

Industrial Designer, Managing Partner

Christian Rukower

Christian Rukower

Industrial Designer

Roland Kaufmann

Roland Kaufmann

Industrial Designer

Tom Haberfellner

Tom Haberfellner

UX Designer

Stefanos Stefou

Stefanos Stefou

Industrial Designer

Linda von Faber

Linda von Faber

Junior Industrial Designer

Industrial Design Intern

Industrial Design Intern

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Design Thinking Tank
interdisciplinary design knowledge for your organisation
sustainable product development
analogous & digital strategies
strategic consulting and coaching for design

What we accomplish

Founded in Vienna in 1992 as GP designpartners, we have concerned ourselves with industrial design and with actions concerning products for more than 25 years. Thereby we have focussed on products and services that are suitable for the masses for international companies. As a well-attuned team of specialised personalities we believe in the power of uniqueness – this is the ability to clearly present a product to the target customer and thereby become unmistakable.
For us, the psychological benefit is the main aspect: a product (object or service) is clearly understandable at first sight, harmonizes with the customer´s living environment, creates inner satisfaction and an emotional connection. Those are the key success factors. In order to increase the effect of the product on the user, we develop strong ideas which are robust enough to establish themselves – because it is only those ideas that can create a connection between target customer and product and thereby ultimately create long-term brand loyalty.
We feel comfortable with clients who allow this radicality and thus use design as »flywheel mass« for economic success.

How we work

it is our aim to integrate the entire functions of the company (business model, product development, marketing, communication, logistics, sales and after-sales service) into the design process. thereby we increase the benefit for your customers (the consumers) and significantly support the sales force of our clients.
thanks to regular, accompanying design controlling we ensure cost efficiency and continuously develop customer benefit. thereby we contribute to strengthening our client´s competitive position on a long-term basis.
our customers value our creativity, our competent customer and market understanding and the appreciative, team-orientated cooperation with internal and external experts.

Your Benefit

  • Market advantage and marketability thanks to uniqueness
  • Increased appeal and buyer loyalty thanks to the application of our design principles, based on facts from different spheres of knowledge (psychology, anthropology, etc.)
  • High user identification with product and brand
  • Mass-suitability thanks to the ability to address different markets and target groups and by integrating cultural and demographic aspects
  • Technically realizable and at the same time economically meaningful solutions
  • Applicability of our approaches on the basis of our experience in different sectors (combination of expertise and cross-sector competence)
  • Active integration of all relevant company functions: all stakeholders pull together and thereby accelerate success:  they use design as connecting power.

Our experience and education

Commitment to encourage design

  • Teaching at the werbeakademie wien (typography)
  • Teaching at the universität für angewandte kunst vienna (typography)
  • Teaching at the FH joaneum graz (interaction design)
  • Re-framer and spokesman of the executive board designaustria (2006–2012)
  • Initiator of the vienna-servicedesignjam
  • Co-founder of the experts cluster Initiative Corporate Design
  • Founder of the experts cluster servicedesign of designaustria
  • Co-founder and presidium member of the Service Design Network-austria-Chapters
  • Fonder and sponsor of the design thinking tank

Author of specialist’ articles and books

»Designing integrated,” 1992
»Success through Corporate Design” 1997
»design in marketing – medium to purpose«, 2009
»integrated design – reflects«, 2012 (Engl. version 2013)
»What’s corporate design? How to develop corporate design«, 2014
»Appetite for Design Management, How to Manage Design«, 2014


  • Austrian Marketing Association
  • European Design & Ergonomics Forum
  • Incredible Europe
  • Messe Linz Design
  • Design Forum Vorarlberg
  • CAST
  • Forum [EPU SMEs]
  • ReiseSalon Hofburg
  • Lower Austria AMS
  • cis Graz
  • Styrian heartland
  • MCI – Management Center Innsbruck
  • Marketing Club Austria
  • scholarium Vienna
  • CMG-AE