For more than 30 years we have been concerned with industrial design. We design objects, especially consumer goods, which are produced industrially. But we design even more: Together with its form, we also design the actions regarding the object in use. We design the functional, the social and the emotional benefit.

In industrial design – thus, the design of industrially produced objects – we concern ourselves intensively with the use as well as the psychology of the people whose lives we make easier. In a project we recognise cause-effect relationships and focus on them, combine them with the aesthetic preferences of the target group and the feasibility regarding technical (what is basically feasible) and technological aspects (what is feasible for the client with the existing machines).

Thereby, our customers receive products with a high degree of recognizability, that means stand-alone potential and at the same time great popularity – the products appeal to the consumers. These beautiful curves then result in the other – the nicest – curve in the world of industrial design: an increasing sales curve.

Industriedesign für Artweger TwinlineFor Artweger, we designed the Twinline which was responsible for a large part of turnover shortly after its introduction.

However, our clients also enjoy other advantages: Our interest in market penetration. We want products to be affordable for a large group of customers. Thus, in the course of industrial design we strive for optimal manufacturing framework conditions. An object has to be designed appropriately and must be able to be produced cost-effectively. Together with our client´s technicians we work on this reasonable production form.Clients of GP designpartners enjoy a high degree of support and can rely on our patience regarding explanations. We see us as your companion and as such, we share insights and reasons for certain forms with you. As our companions, product managers, marketeers and technicians know why it pays to put more effort into something. They can rely on the fact that we are happy to deviate from our “artistic” objectives in critical areas.

Industriedesign für AM.PM Bad-ArmaturenFor AM.PM we design fittings of the highest form quality. Industrial design is all about creating elegant aesthetics and at the same time meeting the requirements of the production conditions. The product management gladly makes use of our perseverance and our will to cooperate.

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