Why should electronic products or products of the energy industry and electromobility be designed by the industrial designer? Or sanitary objects or even babies´ and children´s products?

Products are offered because an entrepreneur detects a potential demand, because he/she anticipates that people could desire a certain product. The industrial designer helps the entrepreneur to concentrate the general demand for this sort of product on his/her product. By giving it a certain design, the industrial designer conveys the usability and quality of the product to the target group. He/she seeks simple handling for the user and appealing aesthetics. And – that is essential for industrial design – he/she makes sure that this product can be produced industrially in an “ideal” form, thus that it is suitable for the mass.


You can therefore say that the industrial designer makes quality visible, innovations tangible and technology available and thereby fulfils an important communication task. Together with the foresighted entrepreneur he/she thereby brings the society renewal, innovation. In the energy sector, the centre of new business chances is currently electromobility. 


There is a latent demand for alternative energy supply. People are confronted with new technology and now have to recognise that these innovations are relevant for them – in most cases without the respective training or college degree. They need decision guidance in order to identify the offer which suits them best. Thanks to design it is possible to give them this information. The designer shapes the new technology, makes it appealing and thereby increases demand. Things are ideally designed in a way that they also communicate their handling. This way, technology becomes comprehensible. High-quality industrial design (which is suitable for consumers) is also deciding in the often neglected investment goods sector, if you want to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Energy supply objects and objects which promote electromobility are now deliberately designed in order to illustrate the difference and advantage compared to the competition.


 Industriedesign für Photovoltaikleuchte von HEIThe photovoltaic light by HEI has a rod-shaped lamp body which contains a tubular solar cell. This new photo cell enables abandoning the usual solar panels which have to be fitted on top of photovoltaic lights. This results in a familiar appearance and increases acceptance. The light is implemented very often, even in a sensitive historical environment. The integrated photovoltaic cell collects the sunlight around it and snow (or Sahara sand) does not cover the cells. This leads to increased efficiency.

Smartflower: Produktdesign im Solar-Energie BereichThe small power station by smartflower always turns in the direction of the sun, just like a sunflower, and thereby optimises the sunlight yield. At night, or if the wind pressure becomes too great, it closes up.

Strom-Tankstellen IndustriedesignThe electrical charging station of the City of Vienna is intended to be a public power socket, which is why the design vocabulary resembles the familiar shape of our wall sockets. The place of “fuelling” must be well recognisable, just the way we know it from our fossile fuel stations. The striking shape and colour lends it an “optical voice” in the hustle and bustle of city ads. Pedelec and e-car users clearly recognise the next available charging station.

Energie-autarkes Wartehäuschen basierend auf SonnenenergieThe energy self-sufficient bus shelter for Fonatsch is charged with sun light during the day, in order to greet travellers with light at night. If someone enters the shelter to be safe from wind and weather, the dimmed light brightens up. This also clearly signals to the bus driver that someone is waiting for the bus. And during the wait you can charge your phone via the USB plug and surf on your tablet via WiFi.


Design is about conveying the quality of a product, to increase handling and usefulness and it is about appealing aesthetics – aesthetics that address the target group. Furthermore it is important to the industrial designer that these objectives are fulfilled by means of industrial production, by mass production on most often already existing manufacturing lines. After all you want to produce large quanitites at an affordable price and thereby reach as many buyers as possible. You want to be unique yet popular. If you as a manufacturer have become curious what this could help you, please contact us for an initial talk.