For companies in the sanitary industry, it is vital to establish and maintain an innovation advantage. In doing so, the human being itself should be at the centre of all considerations and industrial design should be integrated in the sanitary sector.

Achieve an advantage with industrial design in the sanitary sector

The sanitary market is saturated, there is predatory competition. There is an overwhelmingly large choice for any taste, any price point, any need – in short: for more or less any target group.

In order to be able to survive on the market, products are necessary which are able to address a target group exactly and arouse emotions. Thanks to industrial design with respective product innovations, a relevant edge over competitors can be achieved.

However, on the sanitary market, the situation is aggravated due to the long lifecycle. On average, bathrooms are only renovated every 20 years, which causes the customers to be rather careful when it comes to buying bathroom items – the larger, the more cautious. Customers make sure that they like the objects now, on the other hand, they must be able to expect a certain optical longevity. Thus, high-quality industrial design makes the deciding difference in the sanitary sector.

The human being – the centre of attention

In order for large quantities to be sold, the shape of the sanitary objects must seem appealing to a large number of people. This only works if the shapes of the objects seem familiar to the people. Especially successful products feature a design vocabulary which clearly conveys how these items must be used. Their use is comfortable. This is especially important for sanitary objects, as they are used several times a day. Thus, the object does not only have to be useful, it should also be convenient. At the same time – but this goes without saying for the industrial designer – the sanitary object has to be aesthetically appealing. However, a »nice shape« is not enough for large numbers of sales: people must also be able to afford the products.

Integrating industrial design in the sanitary sector

Industrial design concerns itself with the design of industrially produced goods. The industrial production makes products affordable for many people. This means, the industrial designer has to concern him or herself with the industrial production processes and design products in a way that they are liked by potential customers and at the same time can be produced cost-efficiently with the available machines.

Industrial design is teamwork. Together with the technicians, the marketing experts, the sales people the industrial designers develop sanitary objects, which are optimised for industrial manufacturing. We concern ourselves with the manufacturing process and together (and in close cooperation) with the technicians, we make sure that the manufacturing costs remain within an economic scope, to ensure that as many people as possible can participate in good design.

Because it is not enough to produce large quantities, large quantities must also be sold. Ideally, the demand is ahead of the manufactured amount. The demand increases if the product is perceived as aesthetically appealing and reasonably priced by the target group.


For the success of a product you need products that reach the people. You need »striking products«. Thus, nowadays, every product manager, every marketing manager and also every salesperson has to concern themselves with the industrial design of its sanitary objects.

Also those, who are of the opinion that they are already offering best-designed products, must carefully observe the market, because better is the enemy of good.

Think about what benefit you could derive from design and contact us if we should talk about your chances which arise from the application of our three design principles »concise«, »intuitive«, »universal« and our more than 25 years of design experience.

With GP designpartners industrial design in the sanitary industry you receive striking products which will appeal to the majority of your target group, feature an extraordinary appearance and will ensure you a unique position – unique yet popular.