play equipment


the enormous flood of images, digitalisation, virtualisation: our children are confronted with an overload of stimuli which overtax them. at the same time, however, they are not challenged enough by »prefabricated« game worlds.

this is where conlastic steps in – with play equipment that stimulates instead of dominates, offering children space for their own fantasy and discoveries.

the gras: the spring commonly used in swinging equipment was replaced by a patented, invisible (underground) and maintenance-free rubber spring. effect: soft swinging, failure-free function, fun guaranteed. ideal in the urban world.

Linie-M — probably well known for its high product quality and reliable delivery — manufactures all the play equipment designed by us and formely distributed by conlastic. You can order play equipment (and some spare parts) only there. If you need advise or want to buy play equipment, please contact sales of Linie-M directly.