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the GPU toolkit is a modular toolbox offering »built-in« service. the user simply chooses the toolkit set that matches his or her abilities: ranging from simple tools for everyday repairs that (nearly) anyone can carry out (hanging up a picture, fixing the block terminal of a ceiling lamp etc) to the more sophisticated toolkit sets for DIY experts (tiling, sealing of radiators, changing of siphons etc.). enclosed in the sets are repair instructions, interactive web tutorials and a service hotline NUMBER. via web and hotline, the right craftsman is contacted if the repairs exceed the user´s abilities. thus, service is an integral part of the toolkit set.

thanks to service design tools, such as the »emotional customer journey« or the »service blueprint«, we identified and documented our customers’ needs and the service procedure. the underlying business model was outlined with the »business model canvas«.

[GPU is short for »GPultimate«, thus the designteam’s ideal imagination of a project. with the toolkit we want to demonstrate the GPinnovation power in service design.]