Junior Chamber International
World Congress 2005 in Vienna


the registration for the »JCI world congress 2005« was a service design project with a very special demand.

for not less than 5.864 delegates from around the world, a smooth and fast registration procedure needed to be designed. in the course of the project, observations of different congresses and events showed us that often these two attributes are not or insufficiently fulfilled. at the same time we made out the core points that needed to be changed in order to positively influence the entire registration process.

apart from many little measures, especially solving and improving the basic questions were essential for the project´s success.


no closed desk front, in front of which the waiting and the already registered visitors are jammed together, but single counters well apart from each other enable a smooth flow of visitors.


the arriving delegates were welcomed by the flow managers who were placed in the entrance area. they sent the delegates to the right counters. thereby, searching for the right counter, wrong queuing or mix ups were avoided.


problems and misunderstandings that arose during registration, were immediately handled by a separate »exception handling« counter, in order to not interrupt the registration flow.

who and when.

an exact work and rest time plan, the provision of a staffroom as well as a fair reimbursement system not only ensured a good atmosphere, but also the consistent concentration of the employees.

thanks to the implementation of these changes, the registration process for 5.864 deligates was redically reduced. for one of the respondent visitors even from formerly 2 hours to an average of 55 seconds