Junge Wirtschaft
(JCI Austria)




the leadersclub was established to complement the regular monthly meetings of the junior chamber. its purpose was to incorporate leading executives into the JW network and to create a platform where young entrepreneurs and leading managers can articulate their points of view regarding current economic and political topics. in order to achieve this, we divided the event into 3 phases and planned the itinerary as follows:

1. speech: an interesting person from the world of economy presented his or her experience as an entrepreneur

2. discussion: afterwards, the topic covered in the speech was discussed in smaller groups at bar tables. every discussion was chaired and documented by a JW official. for this phase, we chose elements from open space technology. the discussion results were used as advice, requests and remarks for the political work of the JW and also partly for the JW magazine “twentyfourseven”.

3. chill out: after the discussion, the JW officials summarized the contents on the laptops provided on-site. these results were presented on flat screens in the chill out lounge, additionally they were printed out and handed out to every participant in form of a brochure – together with a sponsored goody bag.

a congenial collaboration with patrick fally, georg frank, arnold blümel and marcus knaus led this event to success.