for toddlers, it‘s hard to master adults´ tableware like bowls, plates, cutlery, glasses and cups. MAM supports these efforts with feeding products that are focused on the babies´ increasing abilities. an important design issue was to make the toddlers´ tableware blend in with grown ups´ modern tableware as well.

there is the main bowl with a snap-on saucer as a stabilizer for practising self-feeding. having become obsolete it may stay in use as an extra plate.

there are the »dippers«, a pre-stage of kids´cutlery: ordinary toddlers´ cutlery does not suit the basic baby grip. the »dippers«, however, do and support archaic dipping-action for the first attempts to pick up food successfully.

the MAM feeding line is a wide range of »table ware products for the small«, certainly designed according to this design attitude and in the typical primary design language of MAM.