drop-foot – a muscular weakening to lift ankle and toes – is a frequent consequence for people who suffered a stroke. thus safe walking is severely limited. concerned persons are afraid to stumble and fall. felt shakiness leads to retreat from familiar activities. In the past, those with untreatable foot drop would have had to wear an quite bulky ankle brace to hold the foot in a normal position. ActiGait is a helpful device, which activates the muscles of the lower leg by means of an implanted electronic stimulator connected to a pulsing heelswitch. the danger for one‘s foot to get caught and to fall is reduced considerably.

the control unit is worn on the hip. the power of the impulse can be set and checked on a graded LED-scale.

the design of the control unit is neat and clearly usable. in the visual design the medical purpose of the device takes a back seat. its more about a straightforward, friendly aid that restores simply a part of mobility and quality of life.