Austrian Post


We all know that: the postman wants to deliver a parcel, but nobody is at home. Thus, the parcel is deposited at the post office, you have to go to the post office specially. Wouldn´t it be better if the parcel could be delivered, even if you were not at home? For this purpose, you use the post´s Flexibox, which you put in front of the door to your flat on the day of the expected delivery.

In order to avoid it being stolen, it is fixed on the door with a cut-resistant belt. The belt is tightened from the inside of the box to ensure there is no gap between door and box. The box is locked with an RFID key. Only the deliverer and the owner can open the lid.

The measurements were chosen to ensure that on the one hand the escape space is hardly reduced (corresponds to the tolerance), on the other hand that as many parcel sizes as possible fit inside.

As you don´t receive parcels every day, the Flexibox will remain in your hall most of the time. Thus, the main topic in designing it was to let the Flexibox appear as neutral as possible – thereby it should harmonise with the parcel receivers´ expected different styles of living. During this time, the lid serves as a storage tray in neutral anthracite, the matt surface structure ensures pleasant surface feel and is tolerant towards scratches caused by keys or the like.

The flexibox is produced in Austria and can be ordered at the postshop.