Wiener Haarwerkstatt
Service-Design-Audit 1


for many people, regular hairdressing appointments are part of their everyday life. thus, the hairdresser is one of the most called-on service providers.

but how satisfied is the customer really after the appointment? what, apart from a good haircut, is essential for a positive customer experience? where should one begin, in order to make this service more special for the customer?

in order to answer these questions for the wiener haarwerkstatt, we carried out a service design audit. during the first part of this audit, we observed several customers as well as employees of the wiener haarwerkstatt. the gathered data was compared, evaluated and the crucial moments during this service providing process were filtered. thereby, we found discrepancies in the business model, branding, customer service and regarding employee┬┤s behavior.

the result was a report which contained our analyses, the three most important strategic measures and a listing of the most urgent steps that need to be carried out (also without SD).