Integrated designing with design thinking

GP designpartners was founded in 1992. At that time, we published our thoughts on design under the title “integrated designing”.

20 years later, in 2012, a reflection on these thoughts dating from 1992 was published: a retrospect and lookout on what has changed, what is seen differently today and what is still agreed on.

The reflected texts – the original texts from 1992 are contraposed with reflections from 2012 – was published in German in 2012 and in English in 2013. They are both available as Taschenbuche-book and kindle.

Design Thinking Tank

In 2014, Rudolf Greger founded the design thinking tank, in order to make this designers’ way of thinking more efficiently accessible to companies and managers.

The design thinking tank is the centre of knowledge for design thinking and its environment.

This think tank is directly at the source of design practise (GP designpartners) and features an excellent network with enriching specialist fields (scholarium, FH Salzburg etc.).
The design thinking tank organises lectures, seminars, workshops, deep dives and design jams. Its scholars can also be booked for individual consulting (coaching and sparring).
GP designpartners impels this initiative and thereby makes its 25 years of experience and knowledge accessible.

GP events have been organised by the design thinking tank since autumn 2016.